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Why you need the AvTech ALLIN–ONE computer?

Everything you need for work is built into the monitor!
Technologies are taking up less and less space in the world. Do you like to stay up-to-date and follow the latest trends in technology? Do you appreciate a tidy desk and are you considering how to save space at home or at the office? Do you opt for the sensible and fairly–priced choice and know exactly what kind of computer you need?
The AvTech ALL–IN–ONE computer is the right choice! It’s a contemporary solution with one single power cable. Everything else is built into the monitor. You’re free to choose your own wireless mouse and keyboard, of course. The computer can be configured and adapted to meet your needs. Simply place it on your desk and go! 

Which AvTech ALL–IN–ONE computer should I choose?

Pick your model of choice and select the most suitable classification: Office, Advanced, Business or Expert.
Why is that important? You don’t need an expensive computer with advanced features if the only thing you do is print invoices at your warehouse. However, you’ll definitely appreciate an ALL–IN–ONE Expert level computer if you work with professional graphic design programmes. 


Perfect for day-to-day use of one specific programme.
Will run 1–2 programmes or web pages simultaneously if performing a specific function over and over again. Suitable for those who carry out the same functions every day in MS Word or Excel, for example, warehouses (packing, wrapping parcels, printing stickers) or one type of bookkeeping service. 


The perfect choice for processing large files.
For heads of department, bookkeepers, call centre staff, system administrators and print project managers. Can handle large MS Excel files or run up to 8 different programmes or 10 web pages simultaneously. Some models feature a pivoting screen and height-adjustable monitors to make working more comfortable. 


An excellent choice for day-to-day use. 
Will run 3–5 computer programmes or web pages simultaneously. A popular choice for secretaries, data entry specialists, medical practices, vendors, warehouse staff, car repair workshops, hotels, teachers and journalists. Height adjustable on some models for an ergonomic workspace. 


This computer can do it all.
The perfect choice for managers, architects and data analysts.
The ALL–IN–ONE computer will run any number of programmes and web browsers and process any number of files. Some models feature a pivoting screen and height-adjustable monitors to make working more comfortable. 

The AvTech ALL–IN–ONE computer has an inbuilt processor, memory card, loudspeakers, wifi receiver and more – everything you need for work.
Simply place it on the table and get to work!